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MINE is the lead partner of the Interreg project Fördomsfönster Öresund. Together with Föreningen Norden, Öresundsinstitutet, Lund University and Copenhagen University we will aim for reaching the project’s main goal: to increase commuting in Greater Copenhagen and value the economic and social benefits of close collaboration with neighbouring countries.

To reach this goal we will investigate if there are any differences in attitudes on the Swedish and Danish labour market regarding inclusion and diversity, by helping Danish companies to find competence in Sweden, only 30 minutes commute away, with a foreign background.

The companies who are participating will accordingly get help with their recruitment for free and find a totally new network of candidates to search in. Our candidates are from all different sectors and educational level.

So, what's in it for you?


❒ Recruitment

How can the recruitment be free?

The companies who are participating will accordingly get help with their recruitment for free and find a totally new network of great competence. In this way we can use employers and employees in our study; to find the loopholes in “The Greater Copenhagen’s” labor market.

What is a “loophole”?

Our hypothesis is that there are different advantages in Denmark and Sweden for people who seek jobs. Some skills, personalities, educational level etc. might be advantages in Sweden, however, not as much in Denmark and vice versa. This is what we call “the loopholes”. We believe that “The Greater Copenhagen” should be seen as one labor market. Therefore, we analyze differences in attitudes between the Swedish and Danish side for the sake of the sustainability of our project. Both employers and employees will then have awareness of the knowledge in the cross-border recruitment processes.

What we are asking from you in return?

  • Take part of an interview to help us understand the different attitudes between the Swedish and Danish labor market, regarding diversity and inclusion

  • In the end of the project, join us for a workshop about what we have learnt from the project and how the both labor markets can develop diversity and inclusion


❒ Competence network

Our candidates are from all different sectors and educational levels.

MINE has a 15 years long experience of working with foreign-born professionals, especially focusing on academics. For example in Finance, IT, TECH, HR, Biotech, Architects, Political Science, PR, Life Science, Sales, and Health. That together with Föreningen Norden’s knowledge and focus on young professionals and students for corporation between the Nordic countries makes this an unique, wide and high-quality network.

ALL OF OUR CANDIDATES WILL ... met for a short interview to see if they are relevant for a job in Copenhagen

...attend to a workshop about the different languages, how it is to work in Denmark and important things they need to know for working in Denmark ...

…be put in contact with you and share there competence in a Danish organisation


❒ Employer Branding

How can you as an employer reach out in a larger scale, make an impact and get the employees stay? While making the employees motivated and in that way also more productive.

The lastest study from the global analytics and advise firm, Gallup, means that it is not longer just the paycheck that makes us choose our employer - we need a purpose. Especially the powerful generations of millennials. WilsonHCG Research Institute has also studied the employer branding field and how the companies in their Top 100 Employment Brand Report attracts the top talents - no surprise that many of the companies which rank highly on the report are well known for their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

With that said and a bit more conviction; McKinsey & Company’s study from 2018 shows that the companies which lays in top when it comes to diversity has a 33 % higher outperformance on EBIT margin than the companies in the bottom. We also know that diversity in the workplace attracts all kinds of individuals, which leads to even more diversity, and regarding to McKinsey’s report also the value of the company.

Sometimes it’s not simply enough to be a great place to work. You need proof. So why not start with this project? We will market all the companies who participate in the project to make more candidates and other companies aware of this network. You will be seen in this diversity smart context which leads to a successful employer branding.


❒ Goodwill

We believe that no company can do something only to be nice. There must be an aspect of actual economic value; either in marketing, employer branding, increase in production with the right competence etc. However, goodwill can always be a great bonus. Which in this case it is!

Not only will you get the benefit of diversity and the competence you need by taking part of this project. You will also increase economic sustainability for the society, as much as the individuals’ motivation and their families’ economic situation.


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