Welcome to our second workshop in Copenhagen!

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Meet the Danes!

The workshop aims to give a brief introduction to the Danish labour market, working culture and mentality. You’ll find answers to questions like:

How is it to work and live in a country with the most flexible hiring and firing legislation in Europe? What implies a labour market characterized by an extended security? How do the Danes work and socialize? Why and how should you learn the Danish language? How do you apply for a job in Denmark? How do you get a “CPR” number? How do you deal with the bureaucracy and the practical stuff? How does it work to be commuting between Sweden and Denmark?

You will also get to meet some players from different branches in Denmark, offering you the opportunity to ask all the silly questions. Hence, the workshop will provide you with some tools that could ease your path, if you are looking towards Denmark for a job.

This time the Workshop will take place at Copenhagen Capacity (see map and travel suggestions below).

Program for 12th of June 2019 (10:00 to 15:00)

1. Welcome (10 min)

2. ”Copenhagen Capacity” by Dan Rosenberg, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager at Copenhagen Capacity (10 min)

3. "MINE presentation and project update" by Emma Ramebäck, Client Relations Manager at MINE (45 min)

Coffee break (25 min)

4. “The bossy boss who wants to become your friend” by Robert Zola Christensen, lecturer at Lund University, author and executive director of einar&berg (45 min)

Lunch 12:15 – 13:00

5.Practical stuff – boring but necessary” by Christian Lagoni, Project Manager at Foreningen Norden (1h)
– What does it take to get a work in Denmark? You will hear about CPR number, taxes and social security. You will find out how to get in contact with the authorities, and where to go for help. So maybe a bit boring – but necessary to get a job, and to get the right pay check for it.

6. Coffee, cake and networking (14.00-15.00)
– You grab a cup of coffee and a typical Danish cake, browse around and talk to invited representatives from the Danish labour market, to the speakers or with the other participants.


OBS: Apply before 5th of June by emailing us at


Copenhagen Capacity is located at

Nørregade 7 B DK-1165 Copenhagen K

Easiest way to get there is by Öresundståget. Click here to see Google instructions.